Monday, July 19, 2010

Walking Home

"If I sing quite loudly," she told herself, "I shall not be able to hear what the Fears say."
-Hinds Feet on High Places

Walking home with a crowd of Covenant kids is truly my favorite part of the school day. Today, one of my favorite little girls named Faith (her sisters are Hope and Charity) decided to walk with me even though she usually takes a motorcycle taxi home. About 7 of us started walking home and we had such a great time talking about what they learned at school. We stopped on the way and everyone got a special treat from my favorite street vendor...chapati! It is not rare that we walk through a herd of cattle on the way home. Today when we saw the sea of cattle on the road, little Faith grabbed my skirt and said, "Teacher, I fear cows." Poor thing! I told her that there was no other way to go home but that what I usually do when I'm scared is sing. I asked her what she wanted to sing, and she sang,

I'm gonna conquer Satan
I'm gonna travel over him
I'm gonna chase him away
And I'm gonna tell him pack, pack, and go.

So, so sweet. Faith was really brave today!

We are still learning about Hudson Taylor in the 3rd grade class and they get so upset when the story leaves them hanging. One kid today even came up to me and whispered, "Can you tell me what the special surprise for Hudson is going to be? I promise not to tell anyone." They are so into it! Today on the way home, we saw a chicken retaliate against another chicken who chased it and they got into a huge chicken fight. Lots of squawking. A girl in P3 who was with us shouted (very seriously), "Be nice to that chicken who chased you, like Hudson Taylor was to the people who chased him!" I am still laughing about of the funniest moments of my trip so far.

I am feeling so much better now. Those antibiotics are awesome! I only have 2 more days at school and I leave for Kenya on Thursday morning to meet up with a team from Wimberley, TX to do a church plant!

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