Saturday, July 10, 2010


"Thy free grace alone
From the first to the last
Hath won my affection
And bound my soul fast."

I finally got to talk to my family tonight and it was just in time! I have been struggling the last few days with lonliness...the people here are so friendly, but there is such a culture barrier that I have a hard time breaking through. I love my African family, but there is nothing like understanding and being understood in the good ol' USA!

School is going so well. I walk there and back every day (only about 15 minute walk) and I have been enjoying my time teaching, grading, and making charts for the walls! The kids are great...they understand that I am their teacher and they need to respect me, but they also love to have fun with me! Our lunch break is 2 hours long so I usually eat with my fellow teachers or the headmaster, play with the kids, and watch a group of older students play tag rugby (coached by a white guy!).

Today I went into town on a motorcycle with my friend Eva and the cook (more like CHEF...he makes the most delicious food, and so much of it! I think he is fattening me up to eat me at the end of my trip). It was interesting to experience all the smells, colors, and sounds of a busy market! I felt very African, but I still can't avoid all the stares and people calling me a "MZUNGU"--white girl! I got a little tired of that label, so I asked Eva what the word for "native Ugandan" when people yell "mzungu! mzungu!", I say, "muganda!". They get a kick out of it.

Tonight I practiced with a real Ugandan church choir! My friend Paul (he lives next door and calls me Black Girl) is the choir master and he was even excited to learn some of my American choir songs. Somehow I got talked into singing with them at church tomorrow...I'm sure everyone will LOVE watching the white girl try to dance and sing at the same time.

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