Saturday, March 10, 2012

East Africa 2012!

Well, it's time to announce my next trip to East Africa! This time I will only be going to Kenya (no Uganda!), and my Dad will be traveling with me on his FIRST trip to Kenya! He is excited to see zebras in the wild ;)
My trip will be July 22nd through August 1st and we will be traveling with our friends from Cypress Creek Church in Wimberley. We will be planting a church in the village of Usenge, which is Morris Ogenga's hometown.

Our journey will begin with our flight to Nairobi, followed by an all-day drive to the far western area of Kenya near Uganda and Lake Victoria. We will be staying in the town of Kisumu, and traveling one hour each day to Usenge, which is the location of the new church. Usenge is a very poor fishing village where most people grow or catch their own food. The Bondo district where Usenge is located has one of the highest rates of HIV in Kenya. The need for a Savior is very real here. I was able to visit the site of this church last summer before the church building was built, so I am very anxious to get back there and see the work God has already done!

As always, we welcome your partnership this year. If you are interested in supporting our trip in prayer or financially, please contact me for more specifics! We love you!