Monday, July 12, 2010

Not the queen anymore!

"Go everywhere and tell everyone the happy news!

Tell them I love them so much that I died for them.

It's the Truth that overcomes the terrible lie.

God loves His children. Yes, He really does!"

-The Great Comission, Jesus Storybook Bible

Thank you for praying. A barrier broke yesterday with my African family...I was finally allowed to eat with them as part of the family. Even though Ugandans find it impolite to speak while eating, it was still SO NICE to have company! I love NOT being the queen of this household. I was even allowed to cook with James and kill a chicken! Wow.

Speaking of cooking, I am eating so well here. So well, in fact, that my headmaster at the school said this to me today...
"You are getting so fat! You will go home and your mama will be so happy that Ugandans feed you well."

Only in Africa.

Another great quote story: For those of you who don't know, I love cows and I love to talk to them when I drive past them on the highway! I saw a really cute cow when I was going somewhere with my friends Jared and Eva, so I waved and said, "hello, Cow!". Then Jared looked at me and said,

"Oh my, do American cows know how to wave when you greet them?"...haha!

The best part of being in Uganda is getting the undistracted opportunity to love people. I get to spend all day serving kids and teachers, and it gives me energy instead of making me tired! I am so convinced that what Jesus did for us really is happy news, and my goal every day (more than teaching kids how to read or write) is to show His love to these kids around me. I'm praying they will know Jesus intimately and know that His love really is the truth that overcomes any lie.

I sang in the church choir yesterday. Big adventure, but this girl can keep up with the moves AND sing in Luganda at the same time! WHOOP! What a victory, all thanks to the grace of God (really, I mean it).

PS--for those worried about my proximity to the multiple explosions in Kampala, I am safe and sound. We are praying for the families of the many people who died.


  1. ah i love jesus storybook bible! it's the greatest!
    and i love the cow comment! hahaha

  2. I can't wait to tell Will when he wakes up from his nap that you talk to cows! He is missing his Miss Julie!
    Glad you are not too near to Kumpala. I've hated reading about that tragedy.
    So happy school is going great & that you got to eat with your family. When I lived in Spain, I never was invited to eat with the family - it is so lonely!
    Can't wait to see your pictures too! Katie

  3. you sang in the choir??!! GREAT- way to make me look bad. My only singing experience was a carol on Christmas day and it did NOT go well because they couldn't get the keyboard tempo right (or fast enough) for them to dance to. Now they have seen that mzungus can sing in Luganda and the bar is set high. Thanks a lot Julie :)