Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am a Winner!

"I am what God says I am
I am a winner
Not a loser
I am what God says I am"

This was the song of the sweet Lulwanda Children's Home kids as they celebrated their big WIN of the music, dance, and drama competition yesterday! I got to be there all day to watch the kids compete in 10 different catagories including sight singing, traditional dance, the national anthem, etc. They all performed so well! And, by the grace of God, their hard work paid off and they won by more than 200 points. My friends Natalie R. and Sarah H. were proud mamas :) After the competition, everyone marched back to Lulwanda for the biggest dance party I've ever seen. So much fun. I am so proud of them even though I barely know most of them!

I enjoyed my last day at Covenant so much. I left 63 books (mostly thanks to Aunt Janna and my mom's power shopping) with the headmaster who distributed them to each class according to reading level. It brought tears to my eyes to hear the teachers announce the gifts and listen to the students scream and cheer! They jumped on those books faster than junior high boys jump on T&T donuts in Sunday school. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad that books are such a rarity, happy that they at least have a few now!

I love walking through my neighborhood and hearing kids yell, "Teach-ah! Teach-ah!"...can't think of anything more special!

On our day off today, we washed some clothes and shopped in town a little. Melanie and Winnie and I took motorcycle taxis (pikis) to get pedicures (I promise I am still a missionary, I know this sounds insane) and it was so so fun. I love those friends and it was seriously the best of the 3 pedicures I've gotten in my life. Best part? It was 6,000 shillings. That's about $2.50.

Choir practice was tonight. I'm excited about church tomorrow morning!

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