Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"There is no treasure so wonderful as that
continuous experience of Thy grace toward me."
-The Valley of Vision

Our team (Cypress Creek Church in Wimberley + me) just finished our two days in Akala, which was the church that we planted last year. We were able to do a revival crusade and share the gospel in the area with great success. This has been one of my favorite evangelism trips for several reasons. I think one of those reasons is my fantastic translator! I have never had the same translator for more than a day or two, but my friend Douglas is sticking by me and we get along so well. I've never had so much fun with a translator! Also, this team is intentional about eating with the translators, so I feel like I've gotten to know them so much better from those mealtime conversations. I am also feeling so much encouragement just from the act of sharing the gospel--it never gets old to me, even when people reject it. Today, I shared with mostly men, which made me a little uncomfortable, but many believed in Jesus! I was thankful God allowed their hearts to tune into His words even though they were coming from a young girl like me.

So far, Tessa, Thomas, Lisa, Emily, Erin, and Julie Jacobsen have been to schools. I will go with a few others tomorrow.

Mike, Leslie, Tommy, and Tammy have been to prisons. Tonight, Tammy shared about a woman at the prison who had a siezure in the middle of the presentation (unclear whether this was demonic or purely physical). Miraculously, it did not disrupt the reception of the gospel, and at the end of the presentation, who appeared to be the same woman came forward to receive Christ.

Yesterday, Lisa was able to meet an old friend from Akala that she had been praying to see. Their reunion was sweet and encouraging to both of them!

Today, Tessa shared with a very old woman who had lost all 12 of her children. She was already a believer, and she told Tessa she still believed God was good in spite of her circumstances.

Erin has been sharing some worship songs with us in our evening devotionals. Tonight, she read out of "The Valley of Vision", a book of Puritan prayers. It was awesome.

Please continue to pray for the health, protection, and effectiveness of our team! We are off to Holo tomorrow!

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