Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Morning in Amsterdam

Here I am in Amsterdam after somewhere between 9-12 hours of flying (I lost track)! I sat next to a nice man from Moscow who spoke very little English but had some good things to say about America. I was looking at one of those airplane magazines with him andhe pointed to a picture of a state fair and said, "shark to tourists" was a tourist trap! He even made shark teeth motions with his hands. So fun.

The Loftises, the Bobos, Matt, Collin, and I are all here safe and healthy. The next leg of our flight will land us in Entebbe, Uganda where we will meet up with my host family and 8 South Africans. Prayers for another safe flight, good sleep, and reasonable plane food (a luxury, I know) are appreciated :)

PS--Blogger is in Dutch here. It's a good thing I've posted before or I wouldn't be able to figure it out!

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